Usher is Justin Bieber’s dad, right?

Saturday Night Live, 36x17 Zach Galifianakis


nerd shit


you are right
being a pirate is no joke
it’s a serious business, those Pirates of the Caribbean movies are mocking the pirate life actually
as an example
here are some of the serious things we pirates do
serious pirate eating

serious pirate reading

serious pirate grooming

serious pirate listening to music

serious pirate sleeping


Great Day - Digital Short


This is making me lose my mind. holy shit.

I cannot get over Achilles’ face in this painting. Holy shit.
 He’s totally like: “Oh god, mom, put a fucking shirt on, I mean, what are you even doing? Can’t you see I’m busy lamenting the death of my boyfriend? Like I really need to see your tits at a time like this— YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING MOM GAWD.”
And the rest of the Greeks are jazz-handsing in the background. They’re all ‘WOAH LOOK AT THAT TOTALLY WICKED SET OF TITS— I MEAN ARMOUR. WOAH’

no mom

mom no



“Soldier To My Own Emptiness”//by fiftyrantsperday/Jump J.


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i tried to trap the repo man by moving him in my sim’s pool, but he just swam through the floorboards and right out the door…